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released December 28, 2015

All songs written and performed by Maxim Cossette and John Aaron Cockburn

Produced by John Aaron Cockburn

Maxim Cossette - Banjo

John Aaron Cockburn - Fiddle, Accordion, Vocals, electronics

Photo credit: Ayoub Ben Sassi



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Track Name: EARTH
go try for yourself
time to really come alive
all born from the earth
how will we survive

signs point to awakening
lets face our fears
no time to sleep again
wasted too many years

these open hearts
more than we’re ready for
don’t want to ask for more
Track Name: WIND
born on the back of my sorry self
i was a child until the window broke
then my dreams came a tumbling down
like the shards on the kitchen floor

now I’m back from the dead it seems
living slow and beyond my means
got a good girl to stand by me
she’s bigger than the world

doesn’t take much to be a king
open up hear the voices sing
If I’m rich ill buy a ring
but for now its shining in my mind

Part of us is born from the air
its all better if you don’t care
the wind it makes me, my own friend tonight

driving myself fucking mad
but I’m doing the best that I ever have
all of us will be ok
at the end of the road i hope

every waking hour in time
you grow closer as a friend of mine
known each other since the starting line
we’ll all get old i hope
Track Name: MOON
With one great breath from up on high
the wind and rain and sun and sky
the seed was buried into the earth
receive, create, nurture, birth

Swift a new born heart beat beckons
Crescent sliver, splintered seed
Crack the blinds, it fills the forum
Shakes like dew drops blown through a Reed

to praise her to lay at her feet
round the pole with eyes to meet
a sacred dance of union flowing
eyes are burning, tongues are glowing

Babe to child to woman dear,
Hold in your bosom deep
Stay close now with introspection
Intuition, take the leap

sentiments are rolling back around
universe is guided by the sound
i see the blood is dripping off your crown
touch the moon with feet still on the ground

forward to the noon day sun
bringing forth the larger one
take control of natures forces
dam the rivers, break the horses

Taste deep roots that span her body
Knowledge held in mushroom fields
Pass down lines of magic potion
Ecstatic bliss I firmly feel

she’ll be broken for her craft
he sits and smokes and drinks and laughs
brushes her arm but pains for more
out of reach beyond the door

8. he can suffer here no longer
open eyes begin to wonder
the wish to find a better way
to bring some joy to close of day

sentiments are rolling back around
universe is guided by the sound
I see the blood is dripping off your crown
touch the moon with feet still on the ground

As for tomorrow one may wonder
her sacred heart can bring us closer
but never shall we both relate
until we share that dinner plate

Return to source now, mothers children
Forsake the beasts that burn each other
Rise up quick, we're nearly broken.
Father, child and holy mother
Track Name: FIRE
save us from the fire boys
soon to get burned
waiting my turn
look what we earned
theres a burnin forest
screaming for peace
love from the east
western distaster
waiting for us
living wild
love for my child
the earth will bounce back
with a raging chorus
never mind what the words in your head
try to tell you when you say its over

save us from the fire boys
save us from desire boys
save us from the fire boys

I’m gonna spend the rest of my days
carving out a way to a better future
it gives me some pain to say
i spend to much time on the computer
i think we all do the same
we know the truth but refuse to admit it
i know theres a better way
gotta look around and listen to it

fire burnin
don’t run
turn around
don’t run
work through it
don’t run
lean into it
don’t run